As Central’s Pastor, Aaron casts the vision for the church and leads them into a culture of discipleship.

Aaron takes his coffee BLACK!!!!!!  Is there any other way? And if Aaron won the lottery he would buy a daily planner.

Pam Moran

Church Manager
Pam's position at Central is the Church Manager.  She oversee the day to day operations of Central. Her responsibilities cover ordering items to helping those in need.  

Pam takes her coffee black but also likes a good favored latte and if Pam won the lottery, she would purchase a horse barn for her youngest as that is her passion and she would book many flights to Alaska.

Vicki Jones

Sarah LeMay

Administrative Assistant
First Impressions & Groups Director
Vicki is the administrative greeter, assistant, and phone answerer. She does a lot of computer work, printing needs, and general organizational work.

Vicki likes her coffee strong and black. And if she won the lottery, she would buy hearing aids for her husband!

Sarah LeMay oversees our First Impressions, Groups, and Student Ministries here at Central!
She enjoys her coffee the way God made it: Black. Simplicity at its finest!
If Sarah won the lottery she would buy a beautiful lake-house here in Wisconsin and continue having a normal day job!

Kellee Petik

Tom Drehmel

Judy Lies

Family Ministry Director
Minister of Discipleship Living
Director of Traditional Worship
Kellee oversees all our kids from PreK to 12th grade here at central!

She normally drinks Herbalife's protein coffee but I also love a good strong cup of coffee with extra caramel macchiato creamer, hot or cold. 

If she won the lottery, she'd give a large portion to her favorite charities, then make sure her family was taken care of, and finally take the best vacation ever... dream big!

Tom works to connect with the community outside our church doors and see how we can join in with God’s work in action to live out our catch phrase of “Loving God, Loving People!” He believes that Worship and Bible Study, although important, are not the end of our faith adventure; they’re just the beginning.

Tom doesn’t drink coffee, as it keeps him awake and cuts into his nap time. However, he has been known to have a glass of wine while sitting by the firepit in his backyard. Tom wouldn’t try to win the lottery... "having to think about what to do with huge sums of money would send my head spinning and would probably misdirect me from keep The Main Thing The Main Thing."
Judy is the Director of Traditional Worship at the Sunday, 8:30 service.  As such, she provides organ/piano music for the service, chooses the hymns, plans the special music and arranges for guest musicians.  

Judy drinks coffee by the gallons, but she like it strong and flavored the best! If she won the lottery, after making sure that her mom, siblings and children/grandchildren were taken care of, she'd probably establish a charitable foundation......and take a major vacation!


Waumba Land Coordinator
Jenny works in Waumba Land caring for Central's kiddos ages 0-4 years during all 3 services.

Jenny doesn’t drink coffee, but rather saves the coffee for others who enjoy it. If she won the lottery she would by 2 houses, one for herself & one for her mom since she helps her so much.