At Central, it is important that we connect to our community and meet the needs of the communities that we are part of.  We believe this is one of the ways in which we live as disciples.  Here are just a few places in which we serve and make a difference.

  • volunteer caregiver program

    VCP provided 1,296 rides in this past year thanks to VCP volunteers.

    Volunteers served a total of 1, 959 hours.

    Caring Companionship visits VSP is providing per month have nearly doubled.

    Areas of volunteering...

    • Caring Companionship visits.
    • Drivers
    • Assist with Meals on Wheels

    To become a volunteer contact: J. Joy LaMartina at (715) 738-2985 or

  • Open door clinic

    The Open Door Clinic, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides basic health care services to Chippewa County residents who are without a health care alternative.

    Contact the Open Door Clinic by clicking here.

  • Feed my people food bank

    As a food bank, Feed My People Food Bank is a crucial link between food manufacturers, suppliers, and food assistance programs. Our large warehouse, complete with freezer and cooler space, allows us to store vast quantities of food and distribute it among our partners. As the only food bank in west central Wisconsin, we provide food to more than 120 hunger-relief organizations in 14 counties. 

    Contact the Feed My People Food Bank by clicking here.

  • chippewa area mentor program

    The Chippewa Area Mentor Program provides a one-to-one relationship between a caring adult and a struggling student. By committing to 1/2 hour each week, mentors provide an effective way to help students build resilience and experience success both in school and in their personal lives. 

    Contact the Chippewa Area Mentor Program by clicking here.

  • community pantry

    Community Pantry provides weekly access to sustainable food for individuals and families in Chippewa Falls who are struggling financially. We work to reduce hunger in Chippewa Falls through a coalition of community cooperation, making the best possible use of all available resources. It is our goal to serve our clients in a way that preserves their dignity and to involve the community in a way that teaches empathy, encourages respect, and nurtures compassion.

    Volunteers are needed on Saturdays. If you're able to help, sign up at the Community Pantry link.

  • Middle school voyagers

    Voyagers Community Learning Center was initiated in January of 1999. The program has five primary components:


    1.) Assist students to meet or exceed state and local standards in core academics.

    2.) Provide safe, drug-free, supervised and cost-effective after-school experiences for youth.

    3.) Provided support for healthy social and emotional growth of youth in early adolescence.

    4.) Increase technology proficiency for people of all ages.

    5.) Promote parent involvement in their child's education.

    With increased academic support and positive activities, Voyagers aims to connect community resources to youth and youth to their community in meaningful and constructive ways. As a result, student academic performance will improve and youth involvement in destructive behaviors will be reduced.

    The Voyagers Community Learning Center is a collaboration between the Chippewa Falls Public School and community that strengthens students' academic achievement and fosters their social and physical well-being in order to enhance health, productivity, and self-sufficiency in our community.

    For more information click here.