EVERYBODY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It's not about equal gifts, it's about equal sacrifice. If a single dollar can make a difference in a person's life, imagine what can happen in our community and in our city if we all started to understand what generosity looked like. The Dollar Club is about pulling our resources together to impact God's kingdom. 

The Dollar Club is this - everyone in our church comes together and gives a dollar. We will pool all our dollars together and then we will take that money out into the community and bless someone with it. It's just $1. That's it.  

What can you do with a single dollar? Well, when our entire church family participates, we can do a lot! Every week Central gives a part of what's contributed here to missions work that happens locally, regionally and globally. We partner with other organizations to help those who are hungry, under-resourced and in need. Central is committed to life change inside our church walls, in our communities and around the world. One small gesture of generosity can affect someone in such a massive away. 

That’s why we’re starting the Dollar Club. You can join the Dollar Club at anytime; we'd love to have you! 

To join The Dollar Club, just make a donation and give a dollar today!