Central Foundation

Our Mission Statement:

     "To serve God's people in Christ's name by providing    

     financial foundations to the ministries of Central

     Lutheran Church for all generations."

For more than 40 years, Central Lutheran Church has been blessed with a Foundation Trust – financial gifts and bequests graciously given to use for needs beyond normal budget expenses. Each year, a percentage of the interest earned is available to fund projects that will improve and perpetuate the mission of Central Lutheran. 

In 2016, more than $70,000 is available for gifting. There are six different funds established, each with grant guidelines.  

Nila Bradford General Fund – $24,500

Unrestricted; grant applications are approved by the Foundation Board

Past funding has included Luther Park, Central Lutheran Roof Fund, Malawi Mission Trips, National Youth Gathering, and sound, lighting and technology for the sanctuary.     

Horne Mission Fund - $8,200

People ministries - Central Lutheran Council approves gifting requests.

Past funding included camper fees for Luther Park, Faith & Family educational materials, Financial Peace University materials, guest speakers and special musical events.

Lardahl Fund - $3,200  

Projects promoting Central Lutheran or church operating shortfalls, grant applications are approved by the          

Foundation Board. Past funding included a Central Lutheran brick in Irvine Park

Bricks & Mortar - $16,800

Restricted; funding automatically goes to Central Lutheran for building and technology needs.

Burke Social Ministry - $5,900

Restricted; non-profit ministries outside of Central Lutheran – special committee determines annual awards based on applications. Past funding included several local social ministries, such as Chippewa Area Food Pantry, Mentor Program, Open Door Clinic, Lutheran Social Services, Chippewa Family Support, and Feed My People. 

Ray Helgerson Scholarship - $17,500

Education scholarships awarded on church and community involvement – applications available early in the year, special committee determines annual awards. 8-12 scholarships are awarded annually, ranging from $500-$1,000

The Foundation is governed by an elected board of trustees and meets quarterly. The 2017 Foundation Board includes:

   Foundation Chair – Chris Thies

   Secretary – Jim Wischnewski

   Trustees – Scott Coulson, Jill Gindt, Matt Schneider

Central Lutheran Foundation Trust is governed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. To learn more about how you can donate to the foundation, lifetime and estate gifts for endowment, or other gifts, please contact any member of the board. Any gift to the Central Lutheran Foundation Trust is a gift that will give forever.

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