First Impressions & Groups Director

About Central Lutheran

Central Lutheran averages 600 people in worship each week.  We are a vibrant, energetic, and growing church with many young families. Even though we are a Lutheran Church, our staff and congregation is very diverse with people from many Christian denominations. Our strategy here at Central is to partner with families and to give them the tools and the resources to help grow their children’s faith in their everyday life.  We partner with ORANGE so that we can spend more time influencing those who influence the next generation.  We want you to join us and help make a difference in the lives of the next generation and their families.  
About Chippewa FallsChippewa Falls is a community of about 14,000 people.  And we are 20 minutes aways from Eau Claire which is about 70,000 people and an hour away from the twin cities. Chippewa is known for their parks, music, and local festivals.  But if you were to ask any local, you would find out that we are known for our beer and our cheese.  Chippewa Falls is a very welcoming and friendly community.

What we’re looking for…

The Connections/Groups & Teams Director will:
  • Oversee and provide support for all First Impressions Teams and Team Leaders
  • Assist Team Leaders will scheduling when necessary 
  • Recruit and coordinate training for new First Impressions volunteers.
  • Plan quarterly First Impressions Team fellowship/training events
  • Be available Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to assist/oversee First Impressions team
  • Oversee and provide support for all Group leaders of small groups.
  • To equip Group leaders with resources when needed.
  • Plan and execute Group launch weeks for each season of Groups
  • Continue to recruit and coordinate training for new Group leaders.
  • Connect new partners to a group.

Personal Characteristics
  • Has a strong focus on equipping volunteers and Group leaders
  • Be willing to learn new and innovative ways of connecting with people and helping people to connect with one another
  • Is highly relational, with a friendly and approachable disposition
  • Has a strong calling to ministry
  • Is strategic and creative in their thinking
  • Is a visionary leader that dreams big but can also implement strategically
  • Has strong communication skills, both verbal and written.  This also includes the ability to communicate effectively in person, but also from the stage
  • Is passionate about recruiting, training, and equipping volunteers
  • Is self-starting – able to work without being micromanaged
  • Is an organized, intentional, good planner
  • Must be a team player 
  • Is emotionally intelligent and able to resolve conflict biblically 
  • Has a teachable and humble attitude with a servant’s heart
  • Is always continuing pursuit of professional, personal, and spiritual development
  • Is able to adapt to change

Spiritual Characteristics
  • Has a strong personal commitment to maintaining a healthy relationship with Jesus
  • Is striving to live as an example of a Godly lifestyle that is above reproach
  • Has solid Biblical understanding and worldview
  • Has a healthy prayer life and is also comfortable praying with people and in front of people
  • Is aligned with the mission and vision of Central Lutheran Church
  • Someone who leads their own life biblically 
  • Someone who pursues biblical community

If you are interested in the position, please email