First Communion

Children experience being ready for this sacrament at a range of ages but, most commonly in their elementary years. This is more individualized as to when the parents feel they are truly "ready" to accept this milestone. We really wanted to take the opportunity to build deeper relationships with the child that is celebrating this sacrament. This is the one that they will consistently turn to and acknowledge for the rest of their lives, the body and blood of Christ. We feel that with parents and families spending time with their child learning the materials in their holy communion book (A Place For You) that we can emphasize the importance of first communion within the family. You can request the book by completing this registration for First Communion.
We are offering a group class for the kids to gather, answer questions from their book, have fellowship, and paint their keepsake chalice to be used during their celebration... and for years to come. We will gather in a class setting one time during the 40 days of lent (date tbd) and then have their first communion recognition at our Maundy Thursday service. Invite family, friends and their baptismal sponsors too as they support the promise they made at their god-child's baptism alongside the parents.

Raising kids in faith is accomplished together through the church, small group leaders, and most importantly their parents and families. We are excited that your child is preparing for this sacrament, a wonderful milestone in their faith journey!