Are you looking to have your child baptized here at Central?

In 2019 we are rolling out a new way for baptisms, introducing group baptisms! There will be 4 Wednesday & Sundays a year where we will have group baptisms, up to 4 families each service. Prior to the baptism, there will be 2 classes, one taught with Pastor Aaron and the second one with Zoe our early childhood director. At Central we are growing young with several baptisms a month, with group baptisms parents and families are able to connect with each other as they are going through the same phase!

Please fill out the form below and you will then be contacted by Zoe. If you have any questions or extenuating circumstances, please contact Zoe at

Required baptism classes prior to the baptism

are after the 10:00 am worship in the chapel: 

February 17 and March 10 prior to the March 27 & March 31 baptism

May 19 & June 9 prior to the June 26 & 30 baptism

August 11 & September 8 prior to the September 25 & 29th baptism

November 10 & December 15 prior to the December 29th baptism

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