One of the things that I love about Central is that I have always felt comfortable at the church from the first time I was there.  I’ve always felt welcome by other partners and by staff members in the church and felt a genuine sense of acceptance.  I really enjoy inviting  friends to church because of the welcoming atmosphere of Central. I also love how we have permission to use our phones during the service!  The Central Lutheran app helps us to stay connected to the church.  The “Message Map”, which is also a part of the Central Lutheran app, makes it easy to follow along with Pastor Aaron and to take home some key points, or to read over some passages throughout the week to really apply the message to our daily lives.  At times, life gets busy for Corey and I and we have to miss church because we are out of town.  When we are not able to make it, we like to visit the app and listen to the message that we missed.  Central Lutheran has plenty of opportunities to

Corey and I are very glad to be a part of Central Lutheran Church and we are excited to see how the church continues to grow.  Since becoming partners at Central, we have been encouraged to continue to grow in our faith, which has in turn helped us to grow closer in our own relationship as a married couple.  We have enjoyed being a part of the missions of Central and seeing how God works through ordinary people.

We are Kaylee and Corey, and We Are Central

In 2002, our family was faced with some bad news.  Bill was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  This was a time when our faith was tested.  We questioned why us.  What did we do to deserve this.  It was unbelievable the support we received from the members with prayers, cards of encouragements, money donations, and gifts.  I knew if and when I needed help, all I needed to do was call the church.  Bill passed away in 2011.  You would have thought that I would have now questioned my faith even more because God took a part of our family from us.  I believe during this time my faith got stronger.  Sunday mornings were a normal for us.  It took sometime for me to make it through a service without tears.  Central is another family to me and my girls.

For my daughters, Central reinforces confidence that their faith is real.  Central is  a community to each other and is there when life gets hard. Being a partner of Central is like being a part of a huge family.  Being a part of Central has grown their faith a lot.  

We are Brenda, Alyssa, and Emily, and We Are Central

Central is connection – with each other and with the Spirit of Christ. People are happy to be here to worship, sing, celebrate, and serve the Lord. And, there is fellowship and laughter. There isn’t a service that we don’t laugh. Pastor Aaron brings fun and joy each day to Central.

Partners of this congregation have a lot of compassion for people of all walks of life. Partners reach out to those in need. Some are big needs, some small needs. We look for ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  

As we grow older, we find that family is critical in our lives. We have lost immediate family members and the others have moved to other states. We find great comfort in knowing we have our church family.

We are blessed to be part of this church and enjoy watching it grow.

We are Deb and Darwin, and We Are Central

We moved here as retirees nine years ago to be closer to family living in the area. It was a bit overwhelming realizing we had moved away from our home of over fifty years to Chippewa Falls knowing absolutely no one. It didn’t take long for us to realize we needed to “shop” for a church home. Starting the first weekend and visiting five churches during the summer, it didn’t take long to see that Central would be our choice.

Why choose Central? We needed a place that would be a spiritual anchor. Sunday worship is an important part of our religious experience. Pastor/Bishop Hoyme and now Pastor Sturgis provide much depth and application – food for thought. Frequently we discuss the service at home. Outreach is another way we remain grounded, reminding us that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

We are Bob and Judy, and We Are Central 

We are central