Phase Faith Formation

Phase Faith Formation may look a little different than when we were kids. 

Pastor Aaron and I have sat down and had several discussions on how we see the next few years of our kids' faith education unfolding. With us moving from large group classes into small groups and trying to have one SGL stick with the kids throughout each phase of their learning, there have been some needed changes to reflect our current times. 

First Communion, children experience being ready for this sacrament at a range of ages. This is more individualized as to when the parents feel they are truly "ready" to accept this milestone. We really wanted to take the opportunity to build deeper relationships with the child that is celebrating this sacrament. This is the one that they will consistently turn to and acknowledge for the rest of their lives, the body and blood of Christ. We feel that by spending one on one time with them and their family we can emphasize the importance of first communion. Also, in opening up the opportunity for the child to have one more adult in our church that they can build a faith relationship with. And, depending on the involvement of the Baptismal sponsors they too could be at the shared meal and reiterate the promise they made at their god-child's baptism alongside the parents. Raising kids in faith is accomplished together through the church, small group leaders, and the parents/family.  Click here to learn more about Central’s First Communion

Traditional Confirmation, this has been a long standing tradition in many congregations. Although it is commonly misunderstood as a sacrament is it more of a right of passage. Central decided a few years ago that we would no longer have the “traditional” 9th grade confirmation class. Instead, we want to take full advantage of this phase in our students lives. We have transitioned into small group faith classes that combined with the partnership developed between families, our church and SGLs… we believe there is much more to accomplish in these high school years.

Our focus is to get our young adults actively engaging and participating with our church and community opportunities. Therefore, in May of their senior year, we as a congregation will ask them to affirm and take ownership of their faith through a high school graduating senior celebration. Preparing them to be good Stewards as they enter their new world as adults who love God and love people.

The Senior class of 2021 is our last class that experienced traditional confirmation.
In acknowledging this and planning for the future, we are incorporating for up upcoming senior high school students to write a Faith Statement. This will be a “work in progress” over the course of their high school years as they learn and grow. 
We are so excited to walk beside these students during their senior high school years where their parents, the church and our SGLs work together in growing and enhancing faith! What a blessing to be on this journey with all of you… Amen! 

Kellee Petik, Family Ministry Director

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