People Need Camp

Summer Bible Camp... Ahhh, warmer days full of outdoor adventures, faith and fun. We at Central believe so much in the outdoor ministry experience that we continue to support our kids each year to sign up for a week at Luther Park. This summer we are calling Week 1 & Week 2 "Central's Weeks" where kids of all ages from Central can go together and enjoy camp programming. They will try exciting adventures, meet new friends, spend dedicated time in scripture, participate in skits, activities and enjoy lots of fun! To register for Luther Park Bible Camp:
We have an excellent article to share with you so you can learn more about the camp experience in times of COVID.

Accreditation: Dr. Jake Sorenson, Director of Sacred Playgrounds

"People need camp: As a parent of two teenage boys, I thank the Living Lord that there will be camp this summer. We need it more than ever! Some children have been away from school since the middle of March. Others, like my children, have experienced the uncertainty of on-again, off-again in-person learning combined with a hybrid of virtual school. My kids have spent more time on electronic devices in the past ten months than at any other time in their lives. They seldom interact with their friends, except online. Parents across the country are desperate for camp, and they will sign up their children. As creative as some camps were in 2020 with things like virtual camp, there is simply no substitute for in-person overnight camp.There will be masks at certain times. Registration and camper drop-off will look different. There will probably not be large group meals in the dining hall (something this advocate for decentralized camping LOVES!). But there will be games and campfires. Young people will conquer a fear, learn a new skill, meet new friends, and remember the joy of social interaction. They will spend time away from screened technology. They will learn about Jesus.
Parents will sit back in contended bliss, not quite wanting the time to end, yet excited to hear the wacky stories and see smiles like they have not seen in over a year."

To read the full article and others like it you can access Dr. Jake Sorensons work here:

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