A Look Back At 2020

Greetings Partners and Friends of Central:

What a year 2020 has been and now that 2021 is finally here, we are happy that we can look at this past year in the rearview mirror.  The Staff and Council Leadership of Central would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support this past year.  It has been a difficult year full of changes and disappointments but one thing that has stayed consistent is God’s love and the support you have for Central’s missions.     

The Staff of Central, in the middle of a pandemic continued to work hard to keep spending down and to be good stewards with the gifts received. We came together as a worshiping community through online worship which has reached not only the Chippewa Valley but in many different states where people have tuned in on Sundays for worship.  The Christmas at Home kits traveled to places like Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Minnesota as we celebrated the birth of Jesus together with loved ones.  Tablets have also been taken to those who requested one that have been loaded with our weekly messages.

In 2020, the renovation project was completed and came in just under $1.3 million.  Our line of credit after completion was $869,601.  Through your generosity and commitment, we have been able to pay this loan down to $516,201.  Your Staff and Council Leadership are hopeful that we will have this line of credit paid off within the remaining 2 year time frame with the remaining pledges and gifts.  

As we look back, here are a few of the ministries that happened in 2020 with your support:
  • Each month a $315 check was given to support one of the following local missions: Open Door Clinic, Feed My People, Carelink, Tiny Homes, Agnes Table/Barnabas House and Lighten Your Load. 
  • $7500 has been given towards the cost of FMP Kids Weekend Meals for Parkview Elementary School.
  • Dollar Club Funds this past year supported the community in many ways. One was getting students to mental health appointments during their schooling at home.  You also supported local businesses with a thank you to the 672 Chippewa Falls School District employees: a $5 coupon was given to be used at 4 different downtown businesses.  Also $800 worth of $25 Chamber Bucks certificates were purchased for Pastor Aaron to give out to our community. Random people in downtown the week before Christmas received an act of kindness along with a number of  ER nurses at St Joseph’s Hospital as a thank you for all they are doing during these trying times. 
  • Over 220 youth are involved with Central Students where your gifts have supported them with curriculum and VBS materials, Bibles for the 3rd Graders, devotional Bibles for the 9th graders, and gifts for the graduating seniors.
  • Luther Park Camp couldn’t be held this year, but Luther Park still had expenses. Your Church Council approved to give $5000 of what we would have spent on sending campers to Luther Park to support them during these hard times. 
  • 33 baptisms were held in 2020:  each received a beautiful Faith Chest which was made by a partner of Central.  In each chest was a baptismal candle, personalized baptism towel, child’s Bible, and a jar of 936 beads which represent the number of weeks we have with our children before they graduate high school.

Thank you again for all of the support you have given to the ministries at Central.  The Staff and Leadership look forward to partnering with you for 2021 to continue God’s work in our community as we continue to be #For Chippewa. 

God’s Peace, 

Pam Moran,  Church Manager                                                                 Tim Golden, Council President

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