January 4th 2020

Happy New Year, everyone.  And I’m sure for many of you that is good news to your ears.  I want to share with you two things that have been on my mind lately.  

The first is your generosity.  2020 was one of our best years in giving. And yet, I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised because all of you have demonstrated a heart for generosity.  And because of that generosity we were able to end the year strong. And now we are able to begin 2021 strong!  

And so I continue to be amazed at what Central can do throughout our city and throughout the world.  We are impacting lives and changing lives with God’s love and it’s all because of you.  Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support of the mission that we share here at Central of Loving God and loving people.

But with that said, Please Pray for your church this new year. Pray that during this season we don’t get so consumed by what we can’t do that we will miss out on the unique opportunities God is placing before us. And those opportunities are to invite and serve our neighbors in our city.

And second thing that has been on my mind a lot is, communication. This pandemic has made communication…complicated (for lack of a better word.) Author and speaker, Jon Acuff said it this way, “When making plans during covid, 3 days is firm. 3 weeks is fuzzy. 3 months is just a dream.”  And he is so right.  

Because of that, we will no longer be having a “monthly” newsletter.  And the reason for this is because it is no longer efficient to scramble and try to put a months worth of information for the upcoming month knowing full well that some of it or ALL of it is going to change.  

We need to be more efficient and even better at our communication.  And so we are revamping our web site along with our app to keep all of our Central partners better informed on ways to serve and engage Central.  We are also sending out two weekly emails that are meant to keep you informed and connected to your church.  Make sure you are receiving these emails.  If you want to sign up please visit www.central-lutheran.com/connect  

I also understand that some of our partners do not have access to the internet, do not have smart phones, and are not on social media.  Please help us.  We are working on creative ways to keep partners of Central who rely on written communications, in the loop. And do not want anyone to left out because of it.  So please, if you have ideas of ways to help, please connect with me at pastor@central-lutheran.org

I’m so grateful for you & excited for all God’s got in store for us in 2021!

Pr Aaron

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